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Usability Associates
38 Montpelier Circle
Rochester, NY 14618

Welcome to Usability Associates.  We would like to answer your questions about applying usability engineering to product and system design.  You may know this expertise as human factors, human engineering, user-centered design, user interface design or other synonymous terms.  Regardless of the name, the intention is the same - to make sure that development includes the user as one of the system components.

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Typical Questions

bulletWhat is Human Factors as applied to product development?
bulletHow do I know if I need Human Factors?
bulletWhat value do I get from using Human Factors?
bulletHow do I get the right kind of help for a project or a problem?
bulletHow can Usability Associates help me?

If your question is not in the list, please send it to us.  You will get a prompt response.

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Company Profile

Usability Associates (UA) is a consulting firm that helps companies build usability into

bulletproducts sold in the marketplace
bulletinternal systems used by employees
bulletweb sites used internally or externally

We work collaboratively with you to make user focus a driving force during the development cycle from concept creation to customer ownership.  The objectives are to accrue for your company (1) the cost savings that usability brings to the development and support processes and (2) the competitive and productivity benefits it generates from satisfied users.  

The President, Stan Caplan, is a Board Certified Human Factors Professional with many years of experience in user-centered design.

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