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Usability Associates teams with Innovation-TRIZ to bring clients an innovative methodology for solving those difficult Human Factors design problems.

During long Human Factors and Ergonomics experience in industry, Stan Caplan has encountered many situations that required design tradeoffs. Tradeoffs typically resulted when there were conflicting Human Factors design requirements or a conflict between a Human Factors requirement and some other system requirement. Tradeoffs usually meant making compromises and were necessary to achieve practical results and to be considered "part of the solution" by the design team rather than "part of the problem".

As president of Usability Associates, Stan has been working with Jack Hipple, an expert in the methodology of TRIZ, to explore how it could be applied to resolve conflicting product design and workplace design requirements. TRIZ systematically addresses conflicting requirements and leads to a design solution that accommodates the requirements without compromising them.

TRIZ originated from the analysis of hundreds of thousands of the world’s most inventive patents. You can learn more about TRIZ and its application to Human Factors and Ergonomics at the 2002 Human Factors and Ergonomics Annual Meeting in Baltimore ( As a result of the alliance between Innovation-TRIZ and Usability Associates, Jack and Stan will be giving an all-day workshop at that Meeting. It will include opportunities to work on actual Human Factors design problems. The workshop is on Monday, September 30th.

Please contact Jack Hipple or Stan Caplan about the workshop or for additional TRIZ and Human Factors information.

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